Twin Cities Business Attorneys - Summary of Practice Areas

Huffman, Usem, Crawford & Greenberg, P.A., Has Been Serving the Minneapolis/Twin Cities Area Since 1985

Huffman, Usem, Crawford & Greenberg, P.A., offers individuals and businesses throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area knowledgeable and practical solutions in a variety of legal practice areas, including:

Business and Commercial Law: Our Twin Cities business lawyers represent businesses in a wide range of legal services, from business formation to mergers and acquisitions, insurance risk analysis and commercial litigation. We have the experience to obtain the best results possible on your behalf.

Real estate law: We represent clients in commercial and residential real estate transactions, providing services such as purchase agreement and contract drafting and review; purchase, sale and leasing of all types of real properties; condominium and townhouse issues; mechanic's lien disputes; construction-related matters; landlord-tenant issues; realtor disputes; contract for deed, mortgaging and refinancing issues, including workouts and forbearances; title problem resolution; title registrations; easement and boundary issues; and closing assistance.

Taxation law: We represent businesses and individuals, providing effective legal advice on tax law issues. We can help you find effective solutions to taxation issues.

Employment law: We represent employers and employees in contract drafting, review and analysis; noncompete and non solicitation agreements; severance agreements, employment agreements, confidential information protection; and employment law litigation.

Transportation law: We represent freight brokers, freight forwarders, third-party logistics companies, shippers and carriers in everything from everyday business transactions to complex contracts and litigation matters. Our transportation practice has a nationwide and Canadian focus. For further information, click on Mr. Usem's website: Also see:

Business collections: We represent businesses in mechanic's liens enforcement, enforcement of judgments and creditor rights issues. We also represent individuals in issues involving wrongfully garnished wages or seized assets.

Consumer bankruptcy, business bankruptcy and workouts: We are living in a very difficult economic era. Many people face home mortgage foreclosures, wage garnishments, repossessions and job loss. Other families are living from paycheck to paycheck and barely getting by through no fault of their own. Often, just one small economic event, such as divorce, foreclosure, wage seizure, medical emergency or job loss, causes an individual or family to fall behind in payments to creditors. We can help such families or individuals — either by working with your creditors or filing for bankruptcy relief, under either Chapter 7 straight bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan. If you are in financial distress and need answers, call our office for a free consultation.

Personal injury: We refer individuals to highly experienced personal injury attorneys in the Twin Cities who can provide the aggressive expert legal advice they are seeking and assist those attorneys in the effective administration of those cases.

Commercial litigation and appeals: In all of our firm's practice areas, we handle litigation matters and appeals. We are highly experienced in the courtroom and are licensed to practice in the state and federal court systems, the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court.

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We offer free 30-minute consultations in taxation law, and free initial consultations in real estate and bankruptcy law. Contact us online or by calling 800-219-1705 to schedule a meeting with an attorney.